• BIONICLE® Kinetic Email

    BIONICLE® Kinetic Email

    LEGO® BIONICLE® gave us the opportunity to create a truly unique email experience for our subscribers. Using brand new technology called “Kinetic”, we were able to give our subscribers a...
  • Star Wars™ super scroller

    Star Wars™ super scroller

    When LEGO® Star Wars ™ released series 1 of their Microfighters, we had the the opportunity to create another super scroller. We wanted tell the story flying through space in the Star Wars ™ universe....
  • Architecture super scroller

    Architecture super scroller

    With the launch of the LEGO® Architecture Eiffel Tower, we wanted to create a unique email that celebrated the size of the Eiffel Tower, and give reader the story of the set while reading through. By...
  • THE LEGO® MOVIE™ video email

    THE LEGO® MOVIE™ video email

    With the theatrical release of THE LEGO® MOVIE™, we wanted to send an email to our subscriber base promoting the move release. By using a technique that embeds video directly into the email. Certain...
  • LEGO® Holiday Email

    LEGO® Holiday Email

    In the week leading up to Christmas, I wanted to send out an email to LEGO® brand retail customers reminding them that they could still shop in their local store before Christmas. We wanted an engagement...

DNC Design, The work of Daniel Netkin-Collins


Welcome to my Web site. My name is Daniel and I have a passion for print design, web design and photography.

I've spent the past five years working as a graphic and web designer in the marketing department of various companies. In addition, I've taken on several pro bono and freelance jobs that have sparked my interest and allowed me to utilize my print design and photography skills.

This Web site is a compilation of the work from each of these experiences.